Marketing in Your Off Season

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It’s cold. It’s cold and lots of people want to stay home. They want to huddle inside, not go out, and (perhaps) eat a lot of chili. Because your customers and potential customers aren’t as likely to be browsing your store or inquiring about your services means it may be harder for your business to increase sales. This is especially true for businesses that are seasonal – like water parks or your local orchard. 4...

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Post-Holiday Sales: How to Optimize Your Sales in a Tough Month

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After the holidays, it’s not uncommon for sales to slump a bit. Not only have people just spent a ton of money on their holiday celebrations but they have family members to pay attention to and jobs to get back to (eventually). So what do you do to keep your January from being a low revenue month? Well, if you’re like most businesses, you start planning your sales. When you’re planning your post-holiday sales strategy, here...

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Why Twitter is Getting Tougher

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Any social media platform has its struggles. In fact, any business has its struggles. They change and get new audiences. Twitter has been struggling for a bit now, for a variety of reasons. If you think that running a successful social media strategy on Twitter is getting tougher, you’re not imagining it. Difficulty Monetizing Many executives are looking to see ROI ties to social. Facebook has been looking for ways to prove its worth by...

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Self Care for Small Business Owners During Busy Season

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Every business has a busy season. For many, it’s the holidays. In addition to a crush of sales, you have to deal with your own increased personal to do list as well.  It’s important to remember that your business can’t run if you’ve run your physical self into the ground. Now is not the time to get sick or have a little stress related breakdown. So, make sure that during this busy season, you take care of you....

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Social Media for Professionals: How to Prepare for a Job Search

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Social media has become fairly ubiquitous these days. We’re all using it in one form or another, even in professional settings. We’ve worked with a number of professionals to manage their social media presence. When it comes to our LinkedIn profile creation & review service, those clients are (obviously) looking to make a career change. Here are 7 bits of social media advice for those preparing for a job search. Social Media for...

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