Grum: The Awesome Instagram Scheduling Tool

Posted by on Jan 30, 2017 in Our Awesome Content, Social Media, Tools/Apps | 0 comments

Grum, by AppSumo, is probably one of the best social media tool purchases I’ve ever made. I jumped on an amazing lifetime pricing deal that AppSumo was offering in late 2016, and purchased it, Stencil, and Beacon. Grum is a handy and helpful Instagram scheduling tool that also publishes your Instagram images to your Instagram feed without any extra work on your part. If you’ve used most other Instagram posting tools, you’ve...

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How to Post to your Facebook Page from Instagram

Posted by on Sep 14, 2016 in Our Awesome Content, Social Media, Tools/Apps | 0 comments

One of the best features of Instagram is that it connects and posts to a couple other major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter (if you desire it to). While you may not necessarily want every Instagram photo you post to also post to your connected accounts, it saves you time when you do need the same image posted elsewhere. The Facebook-Instagram integration includes both Profiles and Business Pages. How to connect your Instagram...

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How to Integrate MailChimp with your Facebook Page

Posted by on Aug 24, 2016 in Our Awesome Content, Tools/Apps | 0 comments

Facebook Pages – for all of their frustrations – do offer some handy features, too. For example, you can integrate all sorts of apps with your Facebook Page to customize your Page to your company’s needs as well as provide options to your customers to service them better. One of our favorites is the popular (and free) email newsletter provider, MailChimp. Yes, it’s possible to add an opt-in to your MailChimp email list...

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How to Resend a MailChimp Campaign to Unopens

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MailChimp has some nice built-in features that allow you to segment your lists for various reasons. For example, you can identify people who have a specific star rating and create a segment just of those folks. You can identify subscribers who haven’t opened any of the last 5 campaign you’ve sent, which is helpful if you are considering proactively paring down your subscriber lists. You can also segment by those who clicked inside...

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Pablo by Buffer

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If you are aware of the super fab social media tool, Buffer, you likely know it for its “slow drip”-style content posting across many social media channels. More recently, though, Buffer has created its own image creation tool that is centered around making beautiful quote images that you can either download or send to your Buffer. Meet Pablo. Meet Pablo by Buffer In 1 view, you can search through Pablo’s image library or...

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Setting a Google AdWords Ad Schedule

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Google AdWords is a powerful, in-depth advertising platform. Once you get the campaign basics down and have some initial ads data to work with, you should explore more ways to customize your ads and campaigns to do what’s best for your business and clients while maximizing your ad spend. One cool feature AdWords offers is the ability to set a schedule for when your ads will show. You can even go back and add a schedule after the fact to...

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