Don’t Plan for Only 1 Facebook Ad

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Facebook advertising has all the same benefits as traditional forms of advertising without having any of the drawbacks of traditional advertising options. That means Facebook advertising is a popular way to reach millions of people while also being trackable, (relatively) inexpensive, quick to set up and run, changeable on the fly, and incredibly targeted. Basically, Facebook ads offer the best of both (advertising) worlds. For some...

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Marketing in Your Off Season

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It’s cold. It’s cold and lots of people want to stay home. They want to huddle inside, not go out, and (perhaps) eat a lot of chili. Because your customers and potential customers aren’t as likely to be browsing your store or inquiring about your services means it may be harder for your business to increase sales. This is especially true for businesses that are seasonal – like water parks or your local orchard. 4...

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3 Custom Facebook Audiences to Create Before you Start Advertising

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Reading a title that’s asking you to hurry up and create three audiences for your Facebook ads account before you ever run your first ad, may feel intimidating (I promise, it’s not meant to be). It may sound like it’s a lot of work (it’s not). It may sound like it will take a long time (it won’t). It may seem like you are putting the cart before the horse (you aren’t). These 3 custom Facebook audiences are...

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Facebook Audience Overlap

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It could be Facebook audiences you’ve created and saved using Facebook’s ads targeting options, Facebook custom audiences assembled from your website visitors, or audiences you’ve created from uploading a customer list into your Facebook ads account. Once you have at least 2 audiences listed in the Audiences section of your Ads account, you can compare those audiences to each other to see how similar they are. This audience...

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Facebook Business Manager: Accepting an Invitation & an Intro

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Facebook Business Manager was created with agencies in mind. Business Manager is used for Page and Ads management. You don’t have to be an agency to use Business Manager, and in fact, some people inadvertently find themselves and their Page suddenly converted to Business Manager, leaving them needing to figure out how to work inside Business Manager with warning. This post will walk you through accepting an invitation to manage a Page...

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