Are Directory Listings Good for SEO?

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One of the biggest gripes about social media is that it’s always changing. But if you also manage your website’s SEO work, you likely already know that keeping up with social media platform and best practice changes is a walk in the park compared to the ever-changing landscape of SEO. Especially because the worst thing you could do to your social media presence is kill your organic reach on Facebook. If you screw up with Google...

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Social Media for Professionals: How to Prepare for a Job Search

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Social media has become fairly ubiquitous these days. We’re all using it in one form or another, even in professional settings. We’ve worked with a number of professionals to manage their social media presence. When it comes to our LinkedIn profile creation & review service, those clients are (obviously) looking to make a career change. Here are 7 bits of social media advice for those preparing for a job search. Social Media for...

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5 Times You Shouldn’t Tweet

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Plenty of us are struggling to find time to everything into our busy schedules. As a result, we sometimes slate things to happen at specific times and feels compelled to do them even if – at the end of the day – the timing isn’t quite right. Alternately, we can sometimes be caught by a spontaneous urge to take action. We’ve all had a moment of inspiration that we feel like we just have to act on right now. As much as I...

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Why Your Personal Social Media Profiles Matter as a Small Business Owner

Posted by on Oct 17, 2016 in Our Awesome Content, Social Media | 2 comments

If you own a business and you created social media profiles in the name of your business (and separate from your personal profiles), you did the right thing. A business needs its own, defined, branded social media presence. You should not, for example, be your using personal Facebook Profile to serve as your business’ presence; you need a Facebook Business Page for that reason. Plus, your social media profiles should all be named after...

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What’s OK – and Not OK – from Your Website Developer

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Now that we’ve been running this business for several years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a robust clientele. We’ve also had the pleasure – and misfortune – of working with some of the people they’ve hired. In these experiences, we’ve worked with some truly wonderful web developers – as well as some we wouldn’t care to work with again. If your web developer doesn’t want you...

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