The Importance of Goodwill

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My TV knows when my wife is out of town. All of a sudden, there’s no Breaking Bad, or Homeland, or OITNB, or any of that. Instead, I’m flipping between Discovery, NatGeo, Smithsonian, NBA Classic, and C-SPAN. That’s how I ended up on the couch eating cheese dip and watching a 1988 Bush/Dukakis Presidential Debate on a Saturday night. Which, in turn, inspired me to look up other dirty presidential campaigns. Turns out there’s really no line that...

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SEO: Are You Thinking Like Your Customers?

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My shower has a crack in the floor. This seems like a minor thing but it gets on my nerves. This is likely because I have the same issue I always seem to have with house repairs: I have no idea what to do. Can my shower be patched? Do I call a handyman…a plumber? Do I need a whole new shower? SEO: Are You Thinking Like Your Customers? Well, often in this situation, you’ll find the answer is simple. You just need to know what...

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Your Customers are Changing How They Communicate & Shop. Are You Changing with Them?

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Your website. Your Facebook Page. Your Twitter account. Your Yelp listing. Your Instagram account. Your TripAdvisor listing. Whatever it is and however many online locations a potential customer can – and should – be able to reach you, add those in here. As much as I hate to break it to you, the days of calling on the phone or stopping in your brick and mortar store to get your needs as a customer taken care of are steadily...

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Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Doing Well Because You Have No Strategy

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Facebook ads are an incredible online advertising tool. Incredible targeting options Incredibly affordable Incredibly flexible, allowing tweaks to text, imagery, and targeting “on the fly” I will sing the praises of Facebook ads all day long. But are Facebook ads the guaranteed magic bullet? No. Not by a long shot. Though probably not for the reason you think. One of the biggest misconceptions about social media, online ads, and...

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The Netflix Effect: How to Make Your Content More Binge-able

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Oh, Netflix. How I love thee. There’s nothing more exciting than knowing that a whole new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is out and I don’t have to wait week after week to find out what happens. I can consume content when it’s right for me, in the way that’s right for me. In today’s on-demand world, keeping up with this standard is pretty critical. People want to be able to consume content on their own terms....

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