How to Encourage Customer Loyalty the Right Way

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I recently found myself lost in a confusing browsing session on Etsy. While I was searching for a new print for my office, I kept stumbling on shirts, rings and cards that I felt I simply needed to have. Eventually, I stumbled on a card that I snapped up and purchased immediately. The seller then delighted me with some stellar marketing moves. In the shipping notification email, she offered me a code for 20% off future purchases and encouraged...

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The Art of the Follow Up: Connect for Future Sales

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Imagine you’ve just purchased something you absolutely love. How do you feel? If you’re anything like me, you feel warm and happy. You feel…how do I describe this feeling? You feel like you’ve just eaten a delicious Lofthouse cookie. There’s no better time to cement customer loyalty than when they’ve just bought something from you that they’re in love with. That makes the time immediately after...

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Just a Number: The Dilemma with Customer Loyalty Programs

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“It’s just a number,” a friend tweeted me in consolation. She was talking about my birthday. THE birthday. The big 4-0. Half my life is behind me. Actually, more than half if actuarial tables are to be believed. But let’s be optimistic. When I read that tweet… it’s just a number… it reminded me of a conference I’d been to just a couple weeks earlier. As you can imagine, any conference that a market researcher attends is probably going to be...

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Is Simplicity the Key to Customer Loyalty?

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I am obscenely loyal to our local Home Depot. I’ve had a number of people argue with me that another store is cheaper, another is nicer and yet another is locally owned. Yet I can’t help it – I love our local Home Depot. This is in stark contrast to another contributor on this blog’s Home Depot experience. While this is its own lesson in how brand reputation can vary from one area to another, people always demand to know...

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Customer Service: Lessons from Jeremy

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I have our local video store phone number saved in my phone. This may seem a bit unnecessary but it comes in handy, particularly when my kids request an older movie like “Bolt”. Not one to waste a trip, I make a point to call before we head over. No sense wasting our time AND disappointing the kids. So I call ahead and frequently Jeremy picks up the phone. He always identifies the business and himself. Then he answers my questions...

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