The Importance of Being Helpful

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The other day I opened up my email, and the subject line of one particular email I normally would have deleted caught my eye. Stauffers of Kissel Hill is a small, regional chain of grocery stores and garden centers. I’m on their email lists, but don’t often open what they send me, much like most of the other email lists for which I have signed up. But the headline grabbed me. We were in for cold weather and frost that night, and they were...

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The Importance of Goodwill

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My TV knows when my wife is out of town. All of a sudden, there’s no Breaking Bad, or Homeland, or OITNB, or any of that. Instead, I’m flipping between Discovery, NatGeo, Smithsonian, NBA Classic, and C-SPAN. That’s how I ended up on the couch eating cheese dip and watching a 1988 Bush/Dukakis Presidential Debate on a Saturday night. Which, in turn, inspired me to look up other dirty presidential campaigns. Turns out there’s really no line that...

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Your Business: Know What People are Saying about You

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I recently went to lunch with my family. While they went to the restroom, I pulled out my phone to flip idly through Facebook. Facebook, being as perceptive as it can sometimes be, using location services to identify which restaurant I was at. Then, it was ever so helpful to tell me what people talk about when they’re at that restaurant. The consensus? When people are there, they tend to talk about the slow, poor service. Go ahead and...

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Sales 101: Try Not to be Annoying

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When I first moved to this new city, I was shocked how hard it was to make friends while working full-time and raising two small children. So I was thrilled when, after several months, I finally met someone with whom I clicked. Hoping she might be a real friend, I was tickled when she offered me her number and said we should get coffee sometime. So I waited a few days and texted her asking to get coffee. She said it wasn’t a good week. So...

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A Doozie of an Ad

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Auburn, Indiana. If you’re like me, it’s a name that evokes… well, nothing. I had to Google it to find out where it was. But that’s where I was headed to conduct focus groups at a manufacturing facility. Driving through town, Auburn seemed identical to the hundreds of other small towns I’ve driven to and through. A charming Main Street with three blocks of shops that always seemed to close half an hour ago. A small courthouse square in the...

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