Treading Lightly

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I’m writing this on Tuesday night, November 8th,, 2016. As I type these words, the election is still up in the air. By the time you read this, we’ll know who our next President is. As polarizing as this election has been, that means about half of America will wake up euphoric, and the other half deeply disappointed. It’s a day to tread lightly. That seems obvious to me, and probably will to most (but unfortunately not all) others. As I write...

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Breaking Bad (Customer) Behaviors

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It started with Homeland. An episode here, an episode there. All of a sudden, we’re binge-watching. One show, another show, all the shows. Right now, it’s Breaking Bad. Which led to this exchange last night: Me: So if you found out I was doing something highly illegal, would you help me hide it?  My wife: No way. I’d turn you in. Guess we wouldn’t make such a good TV show. I’m sticking to my day job, which incidentally is perfectly legal. But...

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Your Business: Know What People are Saying about You

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I recently went to lunch with my family. While they went to the restroom, I pulled out my phone to flip idly through Facebook. Facebook, being as perceptive as it can sometimes be, using location services to identify which restaurant I was at. Then, it was ever so helpful to tell me what people talk about when they’re at that restaurant. The consensus? When people are there, they tend to talk about the slow, poor service. Go ahead and...

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Your Customers are Changing How They Communicate & Shop. Are You Changing with Them?

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Your website. Your Facebook Page. Your Twitter account. Your Yelp listing. Your Instagram account. Your TripAdvisor listing. Whatever it is and however many online locations a potential customer can – and should – be able to reach you, add those in here. As much as I hate to break it to you, the days of calling on the phone or stopping in your brick and mortar store to get your needs as a customer taken care of are steadily...

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When a Customer Really Likes You

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So, you’re on social and that’s awesome. Not a lot was happening except for the occasional like or comment from friends and family. But then it happened. You got a fan. And boy, did they like you. In fact, they’re liking all your posts…and leaving comments…and following you on every platform. It can be a bit nerve wracking – what if something you say makes them stop interacting. Or maybe it can feel like...

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