3 Things You Need for Great Pinterest Campaigns

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Many companies join a ton of social media sites, link to them on their websites and pat themselves on the back for their marketing efforts. Unfortunately not all platforms are right for all businesses. While it’s important to know which platforms are right for you, it’s just as important to know how to really maximize a site that is right for you. So, in addition to gorgeous images, what do you need to make Pinterest work for you? 3...

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Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for your Small Business

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I know a ton of lifestyle bloggers who are constantly posting recipes on LinkedIn. While LinkedIn has many uses and everyone loves delicious salsa, it’s unlikely the people who are perusing LinkedIn updates are there because they need a side to bring to a party. Instead, they’re looking for new business and career opportunities. If they wanted salsa, they’re much more likely to check Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook. Similarly,...

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BoardBooster, a Pinterest Scheduling Tool

Posted by on Apr 29, 2015 in Our Awesome Content, Social Media, Tools/Apps | 0 comments

Pinterest is a popular social media platform that’s so different than all the rest. For starters, it’s completely visual. Next, it uses “boards” to organize your posts (called “pins” or “repins”). Pinterest is considered *the* viral platform, and the activities that take place on Pinterest aren’t ones that jive – shall we say – with existing social media management tools like...

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How to Organize your Social Media Connections

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“Spring cleaning” is a great thing. It’s not limited to cleaning and organizing your house. It doesn’t even have to be spring to do it. Your social media followers need the occasional “cleaning”, too. So if it’s been a while since you’ve organized those you follow on social media, now might be time for you to create a method for your social media follower madness. Here is how to organize those you...

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How a Facebook Photo goes Viral on Pinterest

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A friend of mine recently started raising the chickens. She put together a fun outdoor dust bath for them and posted a photo of it on Facebook. Several weeks later, while browsing Pinterest, she came across a photo of her own backyard dust bath. It had been pinned more than 2,200 times. This, of course, reminded me of a few things we should all be aware of on the Internet. 1. Privacy Settings It’s important to be aware of your privacy...

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