3 Custom Facebook Audiences to Create Before you Start Advertising

Posted by on Feb 6, 2017 in Our Awesome Content, Social Media | 0 comments

Reading a title that’s asking you to hurry up and create three audiences for your Facebook ads account before you ever run your first ad, may feel intimidating (I promise, it’s not meant to be). It may sound like it’s a lot of work (it’s not). It may sound like it will take a long time (it won’t). It may seem like you are putting the cart before the horse (you aren’t). These 3 custom Facebook audiences are...

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10 Tips on Being Heard on Social Media (without Shouting)

Posted by on Jan 18, 2017 in Our Awesome Content, Small Business | 2 comments

Clutter is everywhere. Radio ads, TV ads, billboards, print ads, and even online. That was the beauty of social media when it was new: no clutter. Businesses that jumped on to Facebook or Twitter early had a pretty good chance of being heard. But now, it seems as though every business is on social media, and with newsfeed algorithms dictating most of what is seen, or not seen, it’s getting harder to be heard, or seen. And shouting isn’t the...

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Why Twitter is Getting Tougher

Posted by on Jan 9, 2017 in Social Media | 0 comments

Any social media platform has its struggles. In fact, any business has its struggles. They change and get new audiences. Twitter has been struggling for a bit now, for a variety of reasons. If you think that running a successful social media strategy on Twitter is getting tougher, you’re not imagining it. Difficulty Monetizing Many executives are looking to see ROI ties to social. Facebook has been looking for ways to prove its worth by...

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5 Things to Set Up Before Starting your Online Marketing

Posted by on Dec 12, 2016 in Our Awesome Content, Small Business | 2 comments

I had a couple phone calls with a prospective client recently. The calls were very productive. He had lots of questions about all the different ways he could be successful online and understanding how the various online marketing tools and tactics we talked about can work together to maximize what he gets out of them. Once he had a solid understanding of each online marketing tool, the one question that remained was, “What do I need to do...

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9 Steps to Realistically Improve your Online Marketing in 2017

Posted by on Nov 30, 2016 in Our Awesome Content, Social Media | 0 comments

A new year is always a fresh start. Even if you don’t specifically lay out BIG ideas that you plan to implement in the new year or BIG changes you plan to make in the new year, most everyone comes off the holidays with a refreshed vision and some amount of goals for improvement. We work almost exclusively with small businesses and independent professionals. We fully believe and recommend to all our clients to “do more with...

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