7 Questions to Ask Before Designing your Website

Posted by on Sep 30, 2015 in Our Awesome Content, Small Business | 0 comments

We are not a website development and design firm (we direct all our clients to Kayleen at Booyah Creative for that), but we audit, SEO, and write website content for our clients’ sites. We teach clients how to use their sites. We even suggest and implement changes to their navigation, sidebars, footers, and functionality. We have helped our clients find the best (brand new) website solution for their small business needs, as well as...

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Don’t Be Scared to SEO your Website. Here’s Why.

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SEO. Never have 3 little letters instilled so much fear and uneasiness in the hearts and minds of small business website owners! You want to maximize your effectiveness with Google so you can earn the best search engine rankings as possible, while also making sure you don’t do anything wrong to unintentionally anger Google. You either don’t want to pay for Google AdWords (and I don’t blame you), or you are tired of doing so...

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Ideas for Using Tumblr for your Business

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“Tumblr for business?!“, you ask incredulously. “Why, yes!“, I respond. The 6th most popular social media platform can and perhaps should be part of your online marketing plan. (And we thought Tumblr it had a long list of merits long before we created the Eli | Rose Tumblr blog, BTW.) What’s So Great About Tumblr? I know a lot of people may not be very familiar with Tumblr, not even from a personal standpoint....

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Because There’s More to your Website than your Dashboard

Posted by on Mar 18, 2013 in Small Business | 2 comments

Discussing topics like online privacy and internet security is never fun, although it has become absolutely necessary to do so. We all know basics like creating and using secure passwords and the importance of periodically changing our login information. But when it comes to your website or blog, do you know all the places you need to change your password or login credentials? I’ve been online for almost 5 years. My first internet address...

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9 Things to Check before Publishing your Blog Post

Posted by on Mar 11, 2013 in Blogging | 4 comments

Blogging is so much more than just typing up your thoughts on an issue and clicking the “Publish” button. One way to make the most of your blogging efforts is to consistently apply your SEO skills along with consistently tagging and categorizing each new blog post. Below is a list of 9 points to be sure you work through before publishing every new blog post. A 9-point Blog Post Pre-Publishing Checklist Before you publish your next...

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