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Eli | Rose Social Media, LLC offers social media, online marketing, SEO, blogging, business consulting and website design services for small businesses that want help growing their online presence. We specialize in guiding you through developing both short and long term online marketing, business and social media strategies.



We approach each client’s social media efforts in the same way we approach our own: to build a targeted audience of engaged users through posting relevant content and interacting with other platform users.

Training & Strategy

Our training or strategy sessions can be done in person, on the phone, or using a video screen share software. It doesn’t matter if we are training or strategizing with 1 person or 100, it’s all the same to us.


Are you in search of a speaker for your team or organization function? We have experience presenting on a variety of social media and digital marketing topics to all sized groups, and to a variety of skill levels.

What Makes Us Different


We work with you the way you need us to


Our marketing education & corporate experience enhances our digital marketing expertise

A La Carte

There are no preset packages, monthly minimums or contracts


No business is too small or too new to partner with us


Easily add, remove, increase or decrease services as your business needs change

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