Build Reader Engagement by Removing No-Reply@Blogger Addresses

One of the best ways to encourage repeat visits to your sites is to engage your visitors. Respond back to those who leave comments and provide them a way to respond to you. A crucial step to being able to do this is enabling your email address on all comments you leave. This tutorial will help you remove a No-Reply@Blogger email address from your Google profile.

Removing No-Reply Blogger Addresses

1. Sign in to  While viewing your Dashboard, you will see the option to Edit Profile.

2. Click on Edit Profile to view your User Profile.

Under the Privacy section, be sure the box next to “Show my Email Address.”

3. Next, under the Identity section, enter the email address you want to use as well as your “Display Name.”

4. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Completing the 4 steps above will allow for Blogger users to reply to comments you leave at their blogs.  If you’d like to build your reader engagement by replying to comments left at your posts, we’d recommend enabling your Comment Notification Email setting.

Enabling Comment Notification Emails

To enable your Comment Notification Email setting, return to your Dashboard.

1. Click on Settings.

2. Then choose Comments.

3. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Comments page, where you see the Comment Notification Email box.  Enter your email address there and click “Save Settings.”

With completing these simple steps, you’ve now ensured your email address is visible when leaving comments for others, and have also enabled email notifications for comments left on your posts.

If you are a WordPress user, Blogger users want to engage in conversation with you, too.  All you have to do is set up a Blogger profile, enter your Display Name and Email Address and upload a photo.  Then when leaving a comment on a Blogger blog, choose the “Google Profile” option from the drop-down box.


  1. Julia Munroe Martin

    Thank you! Very clear, easy to follow instructions, and I can now be reached by email via my profile. Glad to have found this site via A Belle, A Bean & A Chicago Dog!

  2. Pop

    Liz, you rock! Now I actually get emails back on my super witty comments (not really…and all this time I thought people were dying to email me back) 😛

    KLZ, you rock too!

  3. Sherri

    Oh thanks you guys! This is one of my pet peeves when I can’t answer a commenter back without jumping through hoops to do it (**cough cough Pop**).

  4. Lucy

    This is such an easy but HUGE change to make. Great post!

  5. Steph

    This was great. Could never figure out how to change my google profile to be open for reply. Thanks!

  6. Mrs. Jen B

    So one time, I was so excited over a comment someone left on my blog that I just had to immediately hit “reply” and start typity-typing away a response to them. Only when I was about to hit “send” did I realize that I was emailing no one. Ugh. Let’s spread the word far and wide on this!

  7. MommaKiss

    I’ve done the same thing as Mrs. Jen B! All excited and then it’s SUCH a let down when it’s “no reply”

    Love your site ladies. LOVE IT!

  8. Angi @ schneiderpeeps

    Thanks for this tutorial. I have done all the steps and sometimes when I am commenting on someone’s blog it shows my google id and then it has a box I can check to have follow up comments emailed to me. The email that it has for me is the gmail account not the one that I want to use. So if I don’t check that box will it show up as a “no reply”? Is there a way for me to change that address? I’ve already changed the email address in my profile and in the comments section. Thanks!!



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