Blogger is a popular blogging platform because it is both free and easy to use.  But because it’s free, there aren’t many built-in features like you will find with other platforms, and processes like backing up your blog’s content, as well as design, must be done manually.  Backing up your content and design ensures that even if you encounter a “worst case scenario” with your blog, you won’t lose all it all.

It’s a quick and easy 5-step process to back up your content.

Backing Up your Blogger Blog’s Content

1. From your Blogger dashboard, choose Settings, then Basic.

You’ll see 3 options – Import Blog, Export Blog and Delete Blog.

2. Choose the Export Blog option.


Your page will then look like this:

Blogger, blog backup

3. Click the orange Download Blog button.

From there, you’ll see a pop-up that asks if you want to Open or Save the file.

4. Choose Save.

5. You’ll be asked what you want to name your exported blog file, and where on your computer you’d like to save it.  I suggest including the date of export in the file name so you can easily keep track of your most recent export.

Now, a few more steps to back up your Blogger design, too.

Backing Up your Blogger Blog’s Design

1. From your Blogger dashboard, choose Design, then Edit HTML.

Blogger-Edit-HTML2. In the Edit Template section, click the box next to Expand Widget Templates.


3. Just above the Edit Template section, you’ll see a link to Download Full Template. Click it to download your Blogger design.


Now you’re done, and you’ve successfully backed up your Blogger blog’s content and design!

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