We’ve been there.

We’ve been through the pain of starting a brand new blog and navigating the waters of social media.

We’ve endured the ebb and flow of blogging, and know what it’s like to hit a road block with your blog, unsure which way to go.

It may be that your blog’s visitor numbers and pageviews are stagnant.  You may want to refocus your content.  Perhaps you have a burning desire to grow your community.

Perhaps you simply have a need to create a niche for yourself, try your hand at advertising and sponsors, or grow your Twitter presence or Facebook following.

Eli | Rose is designed to help you address any of these situations. Currently, we’re offering two main services for bloggers.

Blogger Services

Our Blog Assessment includes a 25+ point review and evaluation of your blog, its look & feel, header, sidebars, pages and share options, home page SEO, and related social media accounts. We provide you with a PDF of all our feedback and suggestions, and you go from there to implement whatever suggestions you’d like. This is available for a rate of $75.

Our Personal Strategy package is for bloggers who perhaps have “hit a wall” with their blogs/growth/direction/etc, and are unsure where to go.  We’ve worked with bloggers who wanted help growing their readership, developing a strong writing calendar, defining their niche, getting started with freelance writing, needed advice on social media best practices, etc. Our personal strategy package is designed to suit your unique needs – whatever issues you’re facing, we’ll help you find the answer that is right for you. The rate for Personal Strategy is $90.

No matter the direction, we can help you take that next step with your blog and social media presence.

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