Setting Up a Feedburner Email Subscription

There are 2 forms of website subscription you can offer to your readers – RSS and email subscription. There are many benefits to adding an email subscription to your site. Someone who signs up to your site’s RSS feed via email will receive each new post published to your site, in their inbox. All it takes is adding a bit of code to a widget on your site.

How to Activate Your Feedburner Email Subscription

1. Sign in to your Feedburner account (you will need to have first burned your feed in order to add an email subscription option).

2. After clicking on your feed title, you are brought to a screen that allows you several ways to customize your Feedburner feed. Click on the Publicize tab.


3. You’ll notice Email Subscriptions listed in the left sidebar. Click on it.




4. Click on the Activate button to enable this service.

5. After activating the email subscription option, you’re brought to a screen that provides the code you’ll need to copy and paste into a text widget in your blog.


6. The code produces a box that looks like this, and allows people to enter an email address where they’d like new posts sent.


Email subscriptions are ideal for those who do a lot of blog reading on their smart phones as well as for those who are not a part of the social media community, where RSS readers are commonplace.

*This is the 2nd in a multi-post series on how to set up and customize Feedburner for your website.


  1. Miel Abeille

    Whew! I just checked and I *do* have the email option set up.



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