Crowdbooster is a free online tool that tracks and measures your tweets and Facebook activity.

Twitter analytics

Currently in beta, Crowdbooster pulls in your activity, analyzes it, and produces easy-to-read graphs with helpful suggestions like the best time of day for you to tweet.


The bigger the circle, the better the chance you have at reaching your audience. Mousing over any circle reveals additional information.

Your overall Twitter activity is measured on a graph that ranks tweet impressions against number of retweets. The Crowdbooster graphs are very easy to read; again, the bigger the circle, the better.


Mousing over any of the circles shows you what that tweet was, the number of retweets it received and the total number of people your tweet reached.


Crowdbooster tracks your follower growth and retweeters, and notes your most influential followers, too.

Connecting your Facebook fan page means even deeper audience insights. For it, Crowdbooster ranks impressions against likes. It also tracks fan growth, comments, mentions and notes your top fans.

Crowdbooster provides you with actionable data to improve the effectiveness of your social media efforts. Visit Crowdbooster sign-up page to join their beta.

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