A new reader has landed on your site, loved what they read and wants to sign up for more.  They enter their email address to subscribe to your updates in their inbox. Immediately they get an activation email asking them to confirm their subscription.

But what does that email say?

And who is it sent from?

Feedburner allows you to customize both.

How to Customize your Email Subscription

1. After signing into Feedburner, click on the Publicize tab, then Subscription Preferences in the left sidebar (If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to first activate your email subscription option).

2. Set the email address you want your emails to be sent from.


3. Edit the existing subject and body text to your liking, or write something completely new.


4. Be sure to save your changes before leaving the page.

How to Add a Feedburner Chicklet to your Website

Now that you’ve welcomed new readers with open arms, keep track of them the easy way when you add a Feedburner chicklet counter to your website.

1. While still under the Publicize tab, choose Feedcount from the left sidebar (Be sure to activate this service).

2. Here you can choose the color and style of the chicklet.


3. Once you’ve made your selections, copy and paste the html code into a text widget on your blog.


4. Be sure to save your changes before leaving the page.

Every interaction you have with your readers is one more example of yourself and your brand. Take the opportunity to make even the most standard and necessary communications a reflection of you. And make it easy on yourself to keep track of your loyal following by adding a feedcount chicklet to your sidebar.

*This is the 6th post in a multi-post series on how to set up and customize Feedburner for your website.

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