According to, a Klout score is the measurement of your overall online influence.

Klout scores can range from 1 to 100, with 100 being the highest.

Klout uses activity on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to determine a person’s score based on several factors in 3 categories, which are: True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network influence.

What is True Reach

True Reach is described as the size of your engaged audience. A person might have 1,000 followers on Twitter and be connected with 100s of people on Facebook and LinkedIn, but that doesn’t matter if the audience isn’t responding. True reach looks at 2 areas to determine if your audience is engaged and active with you.

First, is reach – Are you interesting and informative to your audience and is your content shared across the Internet?

Second, is demandDo people follow you back and how many people did you have to follow to get the followers that you have?

Here you can see that there are 1,060 followers but the engaged audience is 438.

Klout Score

What is Amplification Probability

Amplification Probability is described as the likelihood that your content will be acted upon.  You send out 200 tweets a day and 50 updates on Facebook, but are people taking action on these things? Amplification Probability looks at 3 areas to determine if people are taking action on your messages.

First, is engagementDo you participate in conversations and do you reach a wide range of people?

Second, is velocity - How often are you retweeted and who retweets you (is it always the same few people or is it many different people)?

Third, is activityHow often do you tweet (too much or too little for your audience) and are people replying, retweeting, and/or following you from your tweets?

The chart below shows you that the Amplification Probability is 42 and the number of times that messages have been retweeted (Twitter), liked (FB), and had comments (FB).

Klout Score

What is Network Influence

Network Influence is described as the influence level of your engaged audience. This part looks at the Klout of the people following and talking to you. The higher the Klout score of your followers and the people that are engaged with you, the higher your Network Influence score will be.

Are the people that retweet, reply, follow, and list you influential?

Here it shows you that the Network Influence score is 68 and the number of unique people that have engaged in some way.

Klout Score

Klout looks at many different factors when calculating their social media influence scores but what it really boils down to is action. To have strong social media clout means that not only are you talking, but that people are responding to that “talk” in some way.

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*This is the first in a multi-post series explaining the ins and outs of this popular social media reach calculation tool and how it relates to bloggers and small business owners.

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