As we’ve previously discussed, Klout is the number that shows how influential you are in the social media realm, and is calculated with a complex formula based on three categories – True Reach, Amplification Probability and Network Influence.

But why is Klout important for you?

First, your Klout score can earn you perks depending upon the topics you are influential about and the types of companies currently offering the perks through Klout. One recent perk offered was tickets to see an early screening of Kung Fu Panda 2 for influential moms and dads. Another perk was a $100 credit to buy wine for people who were influential about wine.

Perks are determined by Klout, and Klout will notify you via Twitter or email if you qualify.

It’s not only for the Perks

But more than just receiving perks, your Klout score and the list of topics you influence, is important if you want to work with brands for giveaways, product reviews, as a brand ambassador, etc. Many PR companies and brands prefer to work with Twitter users who have a high level of social media influence, and will check before deciding which bloggers they want to work with. Some companies may even target a specific topic and just search for Twitter users who are seen as influential about that topic, instead of focusing on the overall score.

Either way, if you are a blogger who wants to work with brands and/or potentially earn money from the hours spent on Twitter, Klout matters.

Does everyone need to worry about their Klout score?

The short answer is: No.

Some people don’t want to receive perks nor make money from social media, and that’s perfectly understandable. It is important to note, however, that anyone with a Twitter handle has a Klout score, so you might as well take a couple minutes to “claim” your handle.

Plus? You can help your fellow bloggers increase their Klout score each time you engage with them.

Claiming your handle and also linking your Facebook and/or LinkedIn accounts to Klout increases your Klout score. Then, every time you reply, retweet, like, etc. a message that one of your followers sends, it, in turn, helps to increase their Klout score, too.

It’s important to understand the What, How and Why of Klout before deciding to work to increase it (or choose to ignore it). Whether or not you personally value Klout, there’s no denying that it has become a significant metric in the world of social media.

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*This is the second in a multi-post series explaining the ins and outs of this popular social media reach calculation tool and how it relates to bloggers and small business owners.

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