Klout Features: +K and Analytics

One of the features that Klout.com recently added is the ability to give +K’s to those who have influenced you online.

Giving a person a +K does not currently affect their Klout score but it does help confirm their influence topics and keeps those topics on the user’s list for a longer amount of time.

Klout influence topics are arranged according to the most recent +K’s received.

How to Give +K

To give a +K, first go to the list of topics for that user located on their individual Klout page.


Of the 10 influence topics listed, select the influence topic of your choice by clicking the orange +K button underneath it. After doing so you will receive a pop-up window naming the Twitter user who you gave a +K to and how many more +K’s you can hand out for the day. This box also contains buttons to share your Klout activity via Twitter and Facebook.


To tweet the +K simply press the Tweet button.

The TweetMeme box will appear. Press the Tweet button again and the tweet is sent to notify the user of the +K.


You have the ability to give 5 +K’s each day to any other user, in any topic that is listed. However, you can only give 1 person a +K in a specific topic once every 7 days.

Klout Analytics

On your personal Klout page, you can see graphs of your Network Influence, Amplification Probability and True Reach. If you’d like to have an idea of how you stack up against someone else, visit their Klout page and scroll down. You’ll notice a chart of side-by-side Twitter and Facebook statistics.


 Do you hand out +K’s? Have you ever looked at Klout’s analytics for a snapshot of your Twitter and Facebook efforts?

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*This is the fourth in a multi-post series explaining the ins and outs of this popular social media reach calculation tool and how it relates to bloggers and small business owners.


  1. Elena

    I didn’t know that you could only give them a +K once every 7 days in the same area. Great info on Klout once again!

  2. Allie | Ramblings of a WAHM

    I didn’t even know about this until @TruthfulMommy gave me a +K this morning. She’s a sweetie! So I went and gave it back. Gotta love Klout Love.

    Now I am on a Klout frenzy. I can give 5 +K a day and I will be using them for my fav Tweeters! (You’re nest Jessica.)

    TY for the info.


  3. Kimberly

    Great info! I also didn’t know we could only +K the same topic once every 7 days.

  4. Leora Wenger

    I started playing with the +K about a week or so ago. When I was off Twitter for several days, my Klout went down a point. When I participated in a Twitter chat (#smallbizchat), it went up again.

    I’m not sure how giving seeing a +K helps other than to boost the person’s confidence in that area. But that’s a good enough reason to do it – a bit like saying, I acknowledge you!

    • admin

      It definitely seems to be an “Atta boy” type of thing. Also, it drives a lot of traffic to Klout’s site AND gets them a lot of Twitter mentions.


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