Klout determines a user’s score based on a complex algorithm that analyzes many different factors. Beyond your numerical score, Klout also identifies up to 10 topics that you are influential about.

Your Klout Influence Topic

For some, an “influence topic” or 2 may seem rather random. But Klout’s algorithm aims to identify your influential topics based on what you talk about online. And the more times you talk about a certain topic and the more people you discuss it with, the more influential you become over it.

When you first log in to Klout, you are taken to your Profile. On the right hand side there is a section titled “Influential about.” Click the See All button to see your list of 10 influence topics (You can also see the list of topics by clicking topics in the sidebar).


After clicking See All, you are taken to the full list of influence topics (Below is only a section of the page).


If, when reviewing your list of topics, you believe that any of them do not fit you or your brand, you can remove them from your profile.

Removing a Klout Influence Topic

To remove an influence topic, move the cursor over the specific topic you want to remove and you will see a grey X appear.


Click on the X and it will remove that topic from your public profile.


If, later on, you decide that you want to have that topic shown on your profile, you can click the restore button and it will reappear.

It’s important to note that topics are constantly updating on Klout based on what messages you send out, so it is not guaranteed that the hidden topic will still be available when you want to restore it nor that the existing 10 topics will all be listed tomorrow.

*This is the third in a multi-post series explaining the ins and outs of this popular social media reach calculation tool and how it relates to bloggers and small business owners.

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