E.R. Recommends: Connecting Instagram with Google+

Watch out Twitter and Facebook; Instagram and Pinterest are fast becoming the latest craze in the world of social media!

Instagram is a wildly popular photo effects and sharing iPhone app. Many Instagram users are already active on one or more social media sites, and often select a username that matches their Twitter handle. Since Instagram makes it so easy to share photos on Twitter and Facebook, many have found this iPhone app to be a natural extension of their social media presence.

Taking that one step further, it is now possible to use your Instagram photos to create albums on your Google Plus profile.

Alli Worthington put together a great tutorial over at Babble’s Mom Crunch, showing how to import your Instagram photos to an album in your Google Plus profile.

Be sure to grab your iPhones before heading over to read.

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  1. Mrs. Jen B

    Awesome – I need to learn how to do this and stop forgetting about Google+. *hangs head in shame*


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