As a new website owner or blogger, earning a PageRank for your site can feel like an endless trek. Attaining a rank – any rank – other than a 0 takes a lot of effort and passing of time.

Quality inbound links to your site are key to improving your PageRank. But how many links are needed for a 1? Or a 5?

The always-insightful TentBlogger has a helpful chart that provides a rough estimate of how many inbound links are needed to attain a certain PageRank.

It is important to note that the numbers shown in the chart do not reflect the PageRank of the sites linking back to you. So 150 incoming links from sites with PageRanks of 0 or 1 are not going to have the same “power” as 150 links from sites with a PageRank of 6 or 7.

TentBlogger’s article is a worthwhile read.

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