Triberr is a free Twitter tool that can significantly extend your Twitter reach. An invite-only service, Triberr users become members of “tribes” comprised of blog and Twitter friends.


What is a Triberr tribe?

Triberr uses the term “tribe” to describe groups of bloggers. After joining, you can become a member of 1 tribe and a Chief of 3. Tribes can include up to 7 members, including yourself.

Your tribes receive (clever and amusing) names by default, and you can change them as you see fit.


How does being part of a Triberr tribe extend your reach?

After joining Triberr, you add your RSS feed to your profile. Then each time you publish a new post, your tribe mates “automagically” tweet that new post, staggered approximately 40 to 120 minutes apart.

So, if your tribe’s Twitter followers total 8,744 people, then your new post is being automatically tweeted out with the exposure of 8,744 Twitter users.


How Do you Choose the “Right” Tribe?

There are several strategies one could take toward building a tribe. Triberr itself has a post on 10 tribe building strategies. The most conservative approach would be to select other bloggers who are very similar to you. Bloggers who you already read, so you have a good handle on what they write, how they write and the quality of posts they put out. Bloggers who you already tweet with.

In fact, it may very well be bloggers who you regularly retweet, which means that Triberr’s automated retweeting now does that task for you.

Can a Person Control What is Tweeted Out?

Yes! If you don’t like the idea that you don’t have 100% control over what is tweeted out, you can switch your profile settings from automated to manual. This means that new tweets will collect until you sign in and OK them.


And if you have a post that isn’t worthy of retweeting (say, a giveaway winner announcement), you can “pause” that specific post.


The Proof is in the Pudding

Triberr users can log in and see the number of clicks their posts received as a result of the retweeting.


Will Triberr Annoy my Twitter Followers?

Like with any automated tool, there is the potential that some will overuse it to the point that seems excessive. It is possible – through the use and purchase of “bones” – Β for users to build power tribes that are much larger than the standard 7 people. But in the end, the choice to build a tribe that large and/or be a member of a tribe that large, comes down to individual responsibility. Each Triberr user needs to consider what effect their Triberr habits may have on their Twitter following as a whole. And each Triberr user needs to carefully consider tribe invitations that they send out – and those they accept – before doing so.

Do you use Triberr?Β 

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