Have you ever noticed the tiny image that sits on a tab or browser bar, just to the left of the page title?

Eli-Rose-Favicon-ImageThat small image is called a favicon and one of several ways to promote and extend your brand.

Blogger makes it easy to add a favicon to your website. All you need is your branded image or logo (your blog button would work well) and a few minutes.

How to Add a Favicon to a Blogger Blog

1. Sign into your Dashboard, and click on the Design link.

2. Under Page Elements, you’ll notice a section called Favicon.


3. Click Edit and you’ll be brought to this screen:

Blogger-Favicon-Image-Upload4. Click the Choose File button and navigate to your image file’s location. Once the upload of your image is complete, click Save.

You have now successfully added a favicon to your Blogger blog.

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