How to Post to your Facebook Fan Page from your iPhone

Smart phones have become so sophisticated that we can now shop at our favorite stores, find a nearby pizza joint and take DSLR-quality photos almost simultaneously.

For the social media savvy, iPhones make it easy to stay connected with our Twitter and Facebook friends, too.

But what about our Facebook fans. You know, the likers of our fan page?

There is a simple way to enable the posting of status updates and uploading of photos to your fan page wall using the Facebook app you’ve already downloaded to your iPhone.

How to Enable Facebook Fan Page Updates using your iPhone

1. From the home screen of the Facebook for iPhone app, click the plus sign in the top right corner.


2. You’ll be taken to the “Add a Favorite” screen. Click on the Pages button on the bottom right.

3. From there, you’ll see your list of the pages, beginning with those you Admin. Choose the one you want to easily update from your iPhone.


4. Your fan page will be immediately added to your app’s screen. If you want your fan page icon on the first page of your Facebook app, you can move it just like you rearrange apps on your iPhone.




5. You can now easily post a status update or upload a photo to your fan page wall.


To learn more about other smart phone apps, visit Facebook’s Mobile page.



  1. Elena

    I love that you posted this! The Facebook app drives me crazy and I’ve tried to figure this out several times. Awesome info!

  2. Lucy

    THANK YOU for teaching me how to do this! Love Eli Rose!

  3. BigMamaCass

    Awesome info!! Thanks! Here I thought you couldn’t post to your page and it was that easy the whole time. I feel like a dork. Lol

  4. CraftyMummy

    Thanks! I didn’t know I could do that but it was easy with your instructions.

  5. Lindsay

    Oh my gosh! Thank you!!! I’ve been doing this the VERY hard way LOL

  6. angel

    I have an iphone 4s running the io5. did the facebook app also get updated. I can’t seam to find the “home” page (step one). Help please!!

    • Admin

      Hi Angel,

      Yes, the app looks a bit different now with the recent update. When you press the menu button (the 3 lines on the top left corner) and the grey sidebar expands, do you see Pages underneath the Favorites section?

  7. Jan Z

    Ok, next problem. How do I get the home screen?

    • Admin

      There is now a Pages App. It would be easier at this point to download the Facebook Pages app vs trying to figure out the regular Facebook app. Hope that helps!


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