Search engine optimization – or, as it’s more commonly called, “SEO” – is an online marketing tactic implemented on your small business website pages, blog posts, and products in your online store to help them ‘match’ the query of a person searching on Google for the types of content you create, and products or services you sell. Meaning, if a homeowner is in need of a plumber and lives in Kalamazoo, MI, they may sit down at their computer, head to Google (or Bing or Yahoo), and type something like “Plumbers in Kalamazoo” or “Affordable Kalamazoo plumbers” into the search bar. If you are a plumber whose website pages have been optimized well for search, your page(s) will surface on Page 1 of Google search results, greatly increasing your chances that this and other homeowners will call you instead of another plumbing company. Implementing well-researched and unique title tags, meta descriptions, and ALT tags (for images) on your small business website, plus SEO-optimized on-page content, takes a lot of research, time, and practice. Optimizing your small business website, online store, or blog for organic search in order to increase the unpaid traffic it receives is a skill that is slowly honed, post by post. product by product, and page by page. And once you complete SEO work on your small business website, blog, or online store, you can continue to improve your search rankings through continually-publishing original content, and by using your Google My Business listing, social media profiles, and relevant directory listings. Because we work with small businesses, we like to offer options for all of our digital marketing services. We have 5 SEO services, perfect for any small business budget and skill level. Scroll below to learn more about our small business SEO services.

Small Business SEO Services

Liz is a pleasure to work with and really knows her stuff. My website SEO seemed to have “stalled” over the past few months. After a few sessions with Liz and some content tweaks, we started to see the difference within 30 days.  ~ Ronda VanBuren, Small Business Owner

Small Business SEO Services

Small Business SEO Training Service

For those small business owners who learn better when they can ask questions and interact with others, we offer an SEO training service. This option is especially great for those who either have a blog component to their website (as each new blog post published is a new chance to rank on a new keyword phrase) or an online store, since new blog posts and new products will continuously be added online, and you’ll be able to keep using your new SEO skills as you publish these.

Our SEO Training session includes:

  • The basics of SEO – What, why, SEO terminology
  • How to conduct SEO keyword research using Google
  • Choosing the right SEO keyword phrase for the page
  • How to implement good SEO practices on your website (including writing title tags, meta descriptions, ALT tags, interlinking, creating keyword-rich permalinks, and optimizing on-page content)
  • Suggestions & implementation of an SEO plugin, including activating the sitemap and social media meta data features
  • How to perform competitive SEO research
  • Optimizing one blog post or page on your website together

Additional SEO best practices are also suggested, like setting up and utilizing Google Search Console, the importance of your Google My Business listing, and how to review your social media profiles for search engine optimization. In-person, phone and web video conferencing training options available. Hourly rates apply.

Small Business SEO Site Audit Service

Our SEO Site Audit is a perfect service for small business owners who have read a lot about SEO, been working to implement good SEO practices on their website, and want a second set of eyes to review the SEO they’ve completed, or for small business owners who aren’t sure if a previous agency implemented good SEO on their site. We will review the search engine optimizing previously done to your home page, static pages, and key blog posts or product pages, and provide written feedback about what’s done well, and what SEO can be improved.

Our Small Business SEO Site Audit service is ideal for small business owners who intend to keep their SEO work in-house and want to refine what they are doing and feel confident they are correctly optimizing their own website, blog posts, and online store products.

In-person, phone and web conferencing training options available. Hourly rates apply.

Small Business SEO Tagging Service

This SEO service is optimal for small business owners who have a static website or don’t have the time to learn and implement SEO tagging themselves. With this service, we handle and implement all the SEO work for you. Before we begin, we’ll send you an SEO questionnaire to hear directly from you how you’d describe your small business, customers, products or services, area served, and competitors. From there, we…

  • Perform SEO keyword research on your industry, products/services, and (physical) area served
  • Research the SEO used by your 3 main competitors
  • Optimize your chosen small business website pages for you by adding unique title tags and meta descriptions, adding ALT tags to your images, and adding links between pages and posts on your website. 
  • Review and edit (as necessary) your on-page text to properly optimize for keyword use and headings.
  • Add an SEO plugin (and sitemap plugin, if needed) and set up your social media metadata settings.
  • Capture your “before” SEO, the SEO of up to 3 competitors, and your updated, “after” SEO, and place it into a document for your reference.

Our SEO Tagging Service is priced per website page.

Small Business SEO Monitoring Service

The virtual marketplace can be a competitive one. Plus, Google’s rules are always changing. If you want us to keep an eye on your small business’ positioning in search engine results for your main services or products, and key phrases, making sure your competitors don’t outrank you, we can monitor your search engine rankings for you and at whatever frequency you prefer. Typically, clients prefer SEO monitoring checks quarterly or twice a year. 

Pricing is determined by how many phrases we are monitoring as well as how many competitors. Small business SEO monitoring includes adjusting existing SEO as needed based on rankings.

Small Business SEO Content

Website Content Audit for SEO

A critical component to good SEO is the on-page content and the way the content is organized on your website. Also, every page published on your website is another chance to rank on a new keyword phrase. After receiving back a completed content SEO questionnaire, we’ll review the existing content on your static website pages (not blog posts). We’ll evaluate items like:

  • How and how well your existing content addresses your ideal clients and their pain points
  • How and how well existing content about your services or products communicate who you work with and how you help your clients
  • How and how well you showcase your expertise, information about your team and business, and other offerings you have.
  • Overall content organization (content on pages as well as organization of the navigation menu)
  • If additional content should be added (either to an existing page or creating a new page to satisfy a need currently not being served by your existing content)
  • Existing and potential page SEO opportunities (should content be added or re-organized?)
  • Review of currently-hidden/unpublished service pages
  • Competitor website content and content organization to be reviewed (up to 3 competitors)

Once the audit is complete, a document will be sent to you with feedback and recommendations.

Blogging SEO Content Strategy

Publishing blog posts on your business website provides lots of SEO benefits including additional opportunities to discuss relevant business and industry topics in order to showcase your expertise and keep people coming back to your website, and more chances at ranking for additional relevant keyword phrases that prospective clients search for. To make the most of your blogging content, you want to develop a content writing and publishing strategy that includes content created around strategic keyword phrases as well as content that addresses each part of the buyer’s journey. 

  • Google Analytics and Search Console data will be reviewed to uncover most visited pages and most popular search phrases that lead people to your site (if one or both are not set up, we can help you with that, too.)
  • Competitor blog post content to be reviewed (up to 3 competitors)
  • Google Search Engine research conducted to aid in content/topic discovery
  • A blog post template/sample for how to incorporate your selected keyword phrase in all the ways that are needed.

Once the content strategy is complete, a document will be sent to you with lists of blog post topics/keyword phrases to write on that are directly relevant to your main services, and frequently asked industry questions. The document will also include some general guidance of how to begin implementing your new blogging strategy. It’s possible that some of the topics and keyword phrases can be applied to existing blog posts, too, with or without modification.

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