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Interlinking between posts on your own site is a fantastic “best practice” to make into a regular habit.

Linking to past posts in a new post you are writing can help to provide history or further explanation for your new post, encourages others to click through more pages of your site (which aids in reducing your bounce rate) and has some SEO benefits, too.

Searching for the relevant links you need can be a pain and take some time, especially if you’ve built a large library of posts. There’s a helpful tool built-in to WordPress websites that eliminates the need to search for post links by opening a new tab.

Adding a Link with the Built-In WordPress Function

1. While in the Edit Post view of your WordPress site, highlight the words you want linked and click the chain link icon, just like you normally would to create a text link.

2. When the Insert Link box pops up, type a few words that describe the post you are looking for into the Search box beneath Or Link to Existing Content.



 3. As you type, a list of possible related posts appears beneath the Search field. When you see the post you want to link to, click on it and the link will autofill into the URL field.

4. Click the blue Add Link button located at the bottom right corner of the Insert Link pop-up box.

You now have added a link to a previously-written post without leaving your Edit Post view.

Have you made a habit of interlinking between posts?



  1. Emily Suess

    One of the many, many things I love about WordPress! I add internal links to probably 95% of my posts, usually because I frequently reference things I’ve talked about before on my blog.

  2. CraftyMummy

    Oh this is great! Thank you! I always seem to mention older projects and I’ve been jumping between two windows to find the URL’s to link to. This is much easier.

  3. Cori

    I’m with Emily, I normally add at least 1 link to my blog posts. However, I not only do it to “lower my bounce rate,” but also for my own personal reminder and memory of things I’ve done in the past that are similar to that particular post!

  4. Amanda Austin

    This is phenomenal.

    I am trying to slowly but surely improve ALL my stats, including bounce rate. I had no idea this existed but it’s fantastic.

    I try to link at least one post, and it also helps that I have the LInkwithin going on too.

  5. Dakotapam

    Brillant as usual, Liz! Why didn’t I think of that? I use that search tool all the time, but now I will use it to do some more intentional interlinking.

    Quick best practices question…when interlinking, open in same tab or new tab?

    • Admin

      I’m a fan of opening in a new window. It doesn’t take someone away from your site, which I think is better for the site owner AND the user.


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