StumbleUpon: Adding & Editing an Article Review

After learning about the why and how of using StumbleUpon, including how to send post shares through the StumbleUpon toolbar, the last piece of the StumbleUpon puzzle has to do with adding and editing reviews for the posts you’ve thumbed up.

If you are the person who discovers a post (meaning, it’s the first time that post has received a thumb up and is entered into the StumbleUpon database), you are shown a pop-up that looks like this:


There are 2 required fields: whether or not the post is safe for reading at work and a space to add tags that represent topics that are covered in the post. The optional field is the “Review” field, where you are given the opportunity to include a couple-sentence write-up that further explains what a reader will find in the post.

How to See the Number of Likes & Reviews

Users who have the toolbar installed on their browser can take a peek at the number of reviews the page they are viewing has received. Clicking on the conversation bubble and number beside it takes you to a page on StumbleUpon that shows the number of likes that particular page has received along with the reviews for that page and the users who “liked” it.


To check on posts that you personally have thumbed up, sign into your account, then click Favorites, followed by Reviews.


Adding or Editing a Review

If you’d like to edit or add a review, hover your mouse and click the “Edit” link that appears. From there, you have the option to change your existing review or add a new one.


To fully appreciate the impact StumbleUpon can have on your pageviews, it’s worth the time to occasionally stop by and see how many views each of your posts has garnered.

Do you take the time to review articles you thumb up?

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This is the 3rd in a series of posts about how to use StumbleUpon.


  1. Leigh Ann

    I’m really starting to get more into stumbleupon and like it a lot. But I can’t seem to figure out how to install the web bar on my Mac. I’ve followed the steps on the SU site and have a “StumbleUpon web bar” bookmark, but when I click it, it takes me to random sites to thumb up or down and doesn’t let me thumb up the site I am already on. And if there is no SU share button, then I’m less likely to submit it. Any idea on how to get the web bar up there?

    • admin

      The “stumble” button takes to you other pages already in the SU database. You need to click the thumb up/”I Like It” button to add a page to SU.

      I have a Mac and use Chrome, and have the toolbar installed on mine. What browser do you use?


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