From One Blogger to Another: Crafting your About Page

Julie from Dutch Being Me (@DutchBeingMe) is a blogger who is sharing her views on what makes for a strong blog About Me page.

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Have you ever thought “About me” daily…

You are probably like me and have an “About Me” page on your blog. This page is dedicated to highlight who you are, your family or simply what you write about. It is quite possibly something that you worked hard on or maybe just threw together in an afternoon because everyone said you needed it.

If you are new to blogging, you might be asking “What in the world is an ‘About Me’ page… and why is it so important?” For you, I’ll start from the beginning.

An “About Me” page is simply to share a piece of who you are and what you blog about. It can be a few sentences or even an in-depth story. It can be on one page or multiple pages. It can include pictures, a vlog (aka video blog) or even be a photograph free zone.  Really, it’s something that the people visiting your blog can read easily and get a snapshot of who you are.

A number of months ago, The Red Dress Club challenged their readers/writers to share a scene from their own lives that would help show a person they met for the first time their true self.

This is exactly what an “About Me” page is.

For us as bloggers, every time we write, we give a snapshot into our lives… who we are, what we love and how we share our passions with others. Sometimes it’s about family and sometimes about our passions in life.

Not sure where to start with your “About Me” page?

Look over your recent or favorite blog posts or even things you might talk about on twitter or Facebook often. Here are a few suggestions and ideas for you to keep in mind as you are creating one or giving it a fresh new look.

  • Write like you do on your blog. Having a completely different voice and personality on your About Me page will make it sound like you didn’t write it… or that it really isn’t you.
  • If you include your family in blog stories, make sure to mention them – and maybe give some special “tidbit” everyone to help identify them easily.
  • Keep the names the same as what you use in your blog on an everyday basis. (For example, if you use nicknames on your blog to keep real names private, be sure to use the nicknames on your about me page.)
  • Once every few months (or at least once a year), take a look at the page and make sure it still reflects who you are and what you are writing about. Each of us is bound to change a little in this journey… make sure that your page reflects this.
  • Read over others’ “About Me” pages. {But don’t copy them!} Look for what you like in the ones that stand out to you and begin working from there.

Here are a few of my favorite examples of “About Me” pages… each one is unique and completely fits the personality of the writer.

The Grasshoppa and Kristabella share their history… and how they came to blogging. NapWarden and Sippy Cup Mom both simply introduce the leading characters in their blog stories. You immediately can identify who each person is as you read through their blog posts.

Take it seriously… or don’t. Just make its about you and how you write.

Julie is a 30-something single gal living life in a small town and searching for her Prince Charming. Having lost 160 pounds in her weight loss journey 3 years ago, she is now working to get back to her healthy lifestyle. Julie still learns each day how she wants to approach life and how to best achieve the goals that she wants to achieve through blogging at DutchBeingMe, tweeting {excessively} at@dutchbeingme and pinning new things on Pinterest to try during the 52 weeks of #PinterestChallenge.


  1. Amanda Austin

    Great post! I think about my about page all the time and I’m constantly doing little tweaks. I love reading people’s about pages first thing, so I agree, it’s so important.

  2. angela

    These are great tips. I don’t feel like my writing style is as informative as I would have liked for an about page, but I’m tweaking it to find a similar “feel”. This post reminded me to stop pushing that to the very bottom of my to-do list.

  3. Leighann

    Love this!!
    Great tips, I have always struggled with mine.



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