How to Switch to Blogger’s New Interface

Recently, the popular blogging platform, Blogger, updated its interface.

However, rather than force all of its users into the new interface, Blogger is currently allowing users to choose which interface they prefer.

Switching your Blogger Interface

To see the new interface, simply select the Try the Updated Blogger Interface link at the top of the screen.


Blogger's Old Interface

The new interface will seamlessly appear for you.


Blogger's New Interface

Should you be unhappy with the new interface for any reason, you can return to the legacy look and feel by clicking the Switch Back to the Old Interface link in the upper right hand corner. Google will request you to fill out a survey regarding why you want to switch back. We’d encourage filling this out as Google can’t improve without your feedback. If handled correctly, the responses from this survey will make the eventual adaption of the new interface that much easier.

Have you switched to the new Blogger interface? If so, do you prefer it to the legacy look?


  1. Dana K

    I actually tried the new interface when it first rolled out. I switched back for one reason – it was too much white. For whatever reason, my eyes do not like that much bright white when I am going to be on a page for very long. The different sections just blend together after a while. I did leave feedback when I switched back.

  2. Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop.

    I’ve tried it numerous times and each time I get frustrated and switch back. I think there are still some kinks in it. I was having a hard time posting using the new interface. Fairly important. Sure it’s fixed by now (I did leave feedback) but now I’m leery.

  3. Kir

    I just switched it, I am going to try to write a post for tomorrow on it and see how it goes. I will come back and tell you what I think after I do it. However, right now I like the clean look to it.
    I am not techy (as you know…did I even spell “Techy” correctly?) but I am willing to try.

  4. Mirjam

    I use blogger in draft wich uses the new interface,
    I love it. It was really frustrating to write posts in a little tiny square and that’s much better now. I also love the fact that you canlook at your concept posts and published posts seperatly. I think the new interface is a big improvement.

  5. Jen {at} take2mommy

    Yes, I did switch to the new interface about a month ago. I find it much less “clunky.”

  6. angela

    I like the new interface a ton. I find it a lot easier to use.

    (But I’m still making the big jump to WP…domain purchased…new things happening…)

  7. Jamie

    I’ve made the switch, seems much more fresh than the other. Hoping that maybe some new gadgets are just around the corner too!

  8. Kir

    I promid I’d come by and tell you how my transition went. I really like it (of course I am talking about moving to WP later (Nov) but for now, once I got used to the new post box and the “how to schedule” button…(because I had a snufu with it on Sat morning) I realized I really like it.

    just wanted you to know (and to thank you for giving me that name in reference, I am going to be working with her to move to WP…!!!)


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