small-business-social-media-servicesServing every client in the way that best suits their needs is a main goal of Eli | Rose Social Media. Much like how we have various levels of help and guidance with our SEO services, we’ve taken that same approach in building our social media services menu, too.

Do-It-Yourself Social Media Advice

When budget limitations exist, dedicating time to reading through our constantly-growing list of social media information and resources is a free and easy option.

Social Media “Best Practices” Training & Strategy

If you or members of your staff are charged with managing your brand’s social media presence, we can train you on how to effectively and efficiently use several forms of social media in order to engage with your followers and customers, and strengthen your brand’s social reach. Or if you simply have some social media strategy questions or want help with content planning or crossing a couple other social hurdles, use this hourly service as an open-ended Q&A time.

In-person, phone and web conferencing training options available.

Social Media Coaching

The perfect “in between” for those businesses who want to handle their own social media but who need more guidance and hands-on help than what a “best practices” training provides. Our social media coaching service spans 1 month. We start by assessing your current profiles and practices, then create a social media plan including a sample content strategy. Three or 4 weeks after you have put your new content strategy in place, we’ll complete our coaching with a review of your updates and a follow-up phone call.

Social Media Management

There are only so many hours in a day and the thought of adding to your daily To Do list might be more than you want to tackle. All of our consultants are well-versed in All Things Social. By hiring us to successfully build and manage your social media presence for you, and create and monitor your paid social media advertising campaigns, you’ll benefit from having an engaged community of relevant followers and fans supporting your brand.

Monthly packages available and can include reporting of analytics.

Reputation Management

You may have felt that you haven’t been ready to dip your brand’s toes into the social media waters, but that doesn’t mean someone else hasn’t created a presence for you. We can help you to claim any existing profiles as well as secure your brand’s name before someone else does.

To learn more about our social media services for your small business or blog, please contact us for more information.

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