Countless Twitter analysis and clean-up tools exist today, with most having some version of “Tweet” or “Twit” in their names. It can be hard to keep track of the latest Twitter stream cleaning tool, but one to be sure to try is Twit Cleaner.


Twit Cleaner is helpful because it analyzes the Twitter users you follow and presents you with a (free) report highlighting those who you may want to unfollow for one reason or another.

Using Twit Cleaner

1. Start by clicking Scan Me Now.


You’ll have to authorize the app for and then wait a few minutes for your report to be run.

You will receive a Direct Message once your report is ready for review.

2. Your Twit Cleaner report starts off with some stats at a glance.



3. From there, you can see a break out – section by section – of Twitter users you may want to unfollow and the reason why they were flagged. To unfollow, simply click their avatar.

What Does Twit Cleaner Look For?

Some reasons why a user may be flagged as “potentially garbage” include:

  • Posting only links
  • Haven’t posted in ages
  • Tweet “spam” (Paperli, Sponsored Tweets, etc)
  • No interaction
  • All talk, all the time
  • Little original content

How do YOU Look?

Twit Cleaner makes it easy to see what your tweet stream looks like to their system. Click the “How Do I Look” tab in the Nav Bar to check out your rating.


Spending a few minutes every month or so to clean up your Twitter following list can help thin out some of the noise in your stream.

Do you occasionally clean up your Twitter stream? What Twitter tools do you find helpful?


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