Finding inspiration for blog posts can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few simple tips:

Write It Down

Great post ideas can pop into your head at the worst of times – in the middle of the night, during a trip to the park or in my case, while taking a shower. Keeping a notepad and pen handy makes it easy to quickly jot down ideas, words or phrases to help jar your memory when it’s time to write your post.

Look Around You

Potential blog fodder is all around you, so always keep your eyes open for your next potential post. Writing about relateable topics encourages conversation and will help you connect with readers. So don’t be afraid to write about the moms at the park who gave you a dirty look, the crazy drivers on the freeway, your child’s favorite TV show that you happen to hate or your quirky family tradition!

Link Up

Weekly link ups are a great way to find inspiration as well as new blogging friends. Each week, Mama Kat gives a list of five writing prompts for you to choose from, write about and link up with on Thursday. Fadra hosts Stream of Consciousness Sunday, in which you write and publish a five minute brain dump. Liz and Kristin host iPPP, a quick and easy meme where you link up pictures from your camera phone.

Turn to Your Tribe

Bouncing ideas between blogging friends can help open your mind and strengthen your relationships. Perhaps you have a post idea that you can’t quite put into words or maybe a friend has an idea that’s better suited for your blog. A great example of this is when I suggested the Seven Deadly Twitter Sins to Jessica (aka. The Twitter Queen). Not only did she put out a great post, but it became her highest viewed and commented on piece! I had a great idea, but it was an idea meant for Jessica. It was her love of Twitter that made the post.

Now tell me: How do you find inspiration?

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