How to Auto-Post Google+ Updates to Twitter & Facebook

For every new social media platform MUST that emerges, serious social media users feel forced to carve out additional time in their already-overstuffed day to dedicate to it. Since the introduction of Google Plus, many have searched for a way to automate posting from Google Plus to other platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Ways to Auto-Post Google Plus Updates to Twitter & Facebook

Below is a list of Google Plus auto-post approaches with links:

How do you currently handle posting to Google Plus? Have you developed a system for auto-posting to other social media platforms?
* Ian Anderson Gray (his comment is below) has updated his post and now recommends Manage Flitter vs. TwitterFeed.


  1. Ian Anderson Gray

    Thanks for the mention. I wrote the article a while back (shortly after G+ opened for beta). The plusfeed app I mentioned no longer works, but luckily there is plusfeed2. I have updated the article accordingly. I’d use this to update Facebook but there is an even better way for Twitter and that is using Manage Flitter. Manage Flitter is a Twitter management tool (helpful for unfollowing people but also for finding people to follow and for tracking) but it also lets you update Twitter from your Google+ posts.

  2. Muskegon Photographer

    Do you know of one that takes your Facebook posts and brings them to G+?

    • Admin

      At this time, no. Though I would expect there to be some sort of tool eventually developed. Perhaps it will start with Twitter management tools like Tweetdeck and HootSuite since they already allow you to post to other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.


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