We’ve previously discussed using a Twitter client when tweeting on the computer. One of the options listed was the desktop application for TweetDeck.

In addition to the “pros” listed in that post, TweetDeck also allows users to block certain tweets from appearing in their streams.

Some examples of tweets a user may want to block include tweets sent from Triberr, tweets that contain certain hashtags or words, and/or tweets from other users that you don’t want to see.

Blocking Tweets in TweetDeck

There are three different filter options available in TweetDeck and they can be used in conjunction with one another.

To block tweets using TweetDeck, first go to Settings in the upper right hand corner.

Next, go to Global Filter, which is listed at the bottom.

Then enter what you would like blocked. The three fields provided are: From People, Containing Words, and From Sources.

Blocking Tweets “From Sources”

Shown here is an example of how to block tweets from Triberr.

Be sure to save your settings after you have entered the filters you want.

Testing your TweetDeck Blocks

Checking to make sure that the tweets have been correctly blocked is very simple.

First, add a column by clicking on the plus sign in the upper left corner.

Search for the keyword that pertains to the tweets you’ve blocked, keeping in mind that you may have to scroll right to see the new column.

If the block was successful, your new column will be empty. If not, additional keywords or hashtags can be added.

For instance, in order for Triberr to be completely blocked, “twrt.me/” and “triberr” should be added to the Global Filter.

Keep the new column in view while you reopen your TweetDeck settings and select Global Filter, as this will allow you to watch the filtered tweets disappear from the new column. Once the column is empty, your block is successful. Save the settings before closing and delete the empty search column.

Do you block any tweets?


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