6 Reasons Your Brand Needs a YouTube Channel

Stepping in front of the camera for the sake of your business or blog may make some people feel a bit uneasy and make others question, “Is that really necessary?” Below is a list of compelling reasons why you might want to consider creating a YouTube channel for your brand.

  • A method for driving website traffic – and sales YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine. If you write a blog, traffic incoming from your YouTube channel could mean a nice bump in pageviews. Those who have an online business can benefit financially by using their YouTube channel to drive incoming sales leads.
  • Google owns YouTube And Google is Top Dog in the internet world. Your YouTube channel displays your favicon and a link to your website in the sidebar, and YouTube allows you to connect your channel with social media profiles like Google+, Twitter and Facebook.
  • YouTube is a well-known, popular social platform Chances are you’ve watched at least one “viral” YouTube video and seen others that were socially shared via Twitter, Facebook and on blog posts. Your video could be next.
  • Use videos to show them YOU Use a video to humanize your brand or to show off your personality. Research shows that people respond better when they can identify a face and voice with the words on the screen. Seeing and hearing a voice behind the brand builds a stronger bond.
  • Use videos to show off your expertise – People search the internet to find answers to their questions. How To”, DIY and other FAQ-type tutorials can provide consumers with the answers they’ve been wanting, and build your credibility in the process.
  • Use videos as a different way to show off your product or service – Words and photos on a website only go so far. Utilize all the available tools in your social media toolbox to provide your potential customers with as much information as possible to improve your chances at a sale.

 Do you have a YouTube Channel? Have you seen a benefit from it?

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  1. Brianna

    Excellent post. I have a YouTube account, but I’ve never vlogged before. Maybe next year.



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