The Facebook Subscribe Button

When the line blurs between your social media connections and real life family and friends, it can be hard. Deciding whether or not to follow someone back on Twitter is not the same type of decision as whether or not to accept a Facebook Friend request. Granting someone you’ve never met access to a more personal “you” is not something many Facebook users are very comfortable with.

Enter: Facebook’s Subscribe button.


Allowing for subscribers to your personal profile might be the perfect “in between” solution. Offering the option for your social media “friends” to subscribe to your public updates allows them to follow you on Facebook without granting them the same access as your best friend, spouse or college roommate.

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Have you allowed for Facebook subscribers? Do you subscribe to others’ public feeds?


  1. Robin @ Farewell, Stranger

    Good point, but how do you suggest someone subscribe after they’ve sent a friend request? Awkward.

    I’m accepting most friend requests these days. My Facebook philosophy has changed – it’s just not as private anymore.

    • Admin

      What I’ve personally found is as soon as a SoMe connection sends a friend request, they either immediately hit the “subscribe” button or do so within 2 or 3 days of sending the request.

      I’ve also given thought to utilizing the group features more and either posting more personal stuff just to “close friends” (or whatever group) and even tinkering with who gets to see what bio info. Just to be able to open up the friend acceptance more.


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