How to Embed a Tweet has been taking steps towards improving its features and functionality. Currently, 21 brands are using its revamped profile page features. Notice the horizontal Big Mac bar beneath McDonald’s Twitter bio area.

Also, the ability to designate 1 tweet as your featured tweet, keeping it at the top of your page, is coming soon.

One new feature all Twitter users can now enjoy: Embed a tweet onto a website.

Steps to Embed a Tweet

1. Go to and locate the tweet you want to embed.

2. Click “Open” on the right side of tweet, and then “Details“.

3. From there, click “Embed this tweet” to see the embedding options.

4. Choose your text alignment and code type, and then copy and paste the HTML into your HTML editor view.

When you view your post or page, you’ll see your embedded tweet.

HTML, Shortcode and Javascript

Twitter provides 3 options for embedding: HTML, Shortcode and Link. The Shortcode option is meant for users. Choosing the HTML option means that the content of the tweet is still part of the page (as seen above). Website owners with Javascript enabled, however, have the advantage of the tweet appearing as it looks on Twitter, complete with reply and retweet capabilities. Lastly, the Link choice provides you with the direct link to that specific tweet.

The new embed feature means you no longer need to capture screenshots of tweets you want to share. Though the widespread roll out of a brand bar for your page is probably a more impressive change for most users.

Do you expect to use the embed tweet feature?


  1. Alison@Mama Wants This

    At last! That’s a great feature. I remember writing a post about tweets once, and I had to painstakingly print screen each tweet I wanted, then cut and paste it accordingly and include it in my post as a JPEG. Being able to embed it will make it so much easier. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Leighann

    awesome!! This is great news!

  3. Clark Haass

    I would *dearly* love to be able to do this. According to twitter, this only works on iOS and Android devices. Do you have some magic ninja trick if I’m using Chrome browser on a PC?

    • Admin

      Unfortunately, no. I personally have a Mac. 🙂



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