How to check your Facebook Fan Page for Hidden Posts

Facebook’s intention when hiding some posts is to prevent spam from appearing on your fan page wall. But quite often it turns out that Facebook has “hidden” wall posts that are actually legitimate updates.


The indented tab just beneath “Wall” on the left sidebar takes you to your Hidden Posts folder.

Very recently I discovered a couple posts from Amanda of It’s Blogworthy that were hidden from view. All the posts from her involved her tagging my page when she posted her own fan page update, which would have otherwise been a great cross-promotional opportunity.


To unhide a wall post, simply click the gear icon on the right and select “Unhide post”.

Once you clear out the existing wall posts located in your Hidden Post folder, it would be a good idea to make a habit of periodically checking it in the future.

Have you ever checked your Hidden Post folder?


  1. Candi

    thanks, I realized I had a few that tagged me that were hidden.

  2. Amanda Austin

    Gasp!!!!!! 😉

  3. ChiMomWrtier

    Aww man, the only one hidden was getting tagged by a site much bigger than mine – giving me some big time love. Dah!

    Thank you for the tip!

  4. Brianna

    Thanks for the tip. I just checked my pages. I hadn’t missed anything, but now I know how to do it.


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