Rapportive: Gaining Social Insight from your Email Contacts

Rapportive is a free browser add-on that that presents you with an email sender’s name, photo and linked social media profiles.


For use in Gmail and with Safari, Chrome and Firefox, Rapportive inserts an interactive, content-rich sidebar next to the email you are reading.


Directly from the Rapportive sidebar, you can follow that email sender on all visible social media accounts, respond to tweets shown, add or edit the Google+ Circles you have that person in and more.

You can add and edit your own profile from Gmail, too, by viewing and mousing-over the sidebar from an email you have sent.


If you want to use Rapportive but don’t currently use Gmail for your email provider, you could consider setting up a Gmail account and forwarding all your other email accounts to that Gmail account. Gmail makes it easy to manage multiple accounts and even reply as the forwarded email address instead of as your Gmail account.

Rapportive’s browser add-on makes it easy to connect and network with your customers and website visitors, and may serve as a valuable tool to compliment small businesses’ existing CRM efforts.

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  1. Brianna

    Just did this. It looks awesome.


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