StumbleUpon Updates: Channels, Design & More

The design, layout and features of social bookmarking site, StumbleUpon, were updated in late 2011.

Visually speaking, there were dramatic changes made to the home page and profile pages. Along with color changes, users now have a horizontal menu located beneath their profile photo on the left side of the page.


This menu is where a user can access their history, connections and other StumbleUpon features.

StumbleUpon Feature Updates

StumbleUpon changes weren’t limited to visual updates, though. Below is a list of some new features that have been added to the site:

Channels - Currently in limited beta, channels have been created by brands, public figures and major websites. By following a channel, you’ll stumble through their shared content (Think ABC News, ESPN, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Jennifer Lopez).

Discover – StumbleUpon now gives users 3 ways to search its site: by Interest, by Stumbler and by Channel.

Stumble My Likes – This gives the option for a user to stumble the articles another user has thumbed up.


How Submitting a Link has Changed

A user still needs to check whether or not an article is safe for work when adding a new link to StumbleUpon, but this interface update has brought with it an extensive, pre-set list of article topics that are searched via drop-down menu. One topic must be selected in order to complete your link submission.



Other StumbleUpon Updates

Smaller site updates include:

  • Likes – “Favorites” have been renamed to “Likes”
  • Explore Bar – A search function to locate articles in the StumbleUpon database.
  • Logo – StumbleUpon’s blue and green imagery has been replaced by a fresh, new orange logo.


So, what do you think of the new updates? Have you stumbled another user’s likes or followed any channels?


  1. Stacie

    I’m still using the old SU because I can’t find anything on the new one! I’ll probably keeping the older version till they kick me off LOL.

  2. Candi

    I was hoping you could answer a question on if you need feedburner and mailchimp or do they just do the same thing?

    • Admin

      Feedburner and MailChimp are 2 different items, each with its own purpose. Feedburner is a feed source consolidation tool that includes lots of features to customize and brand your blog’s feed along with offering an option for readers or customers to subscribe via email to your updates.

      For businesses who do not have a blog as part of their website, you would need to use something like MailChimp. But if you also have a blog (like we do), you can set up Feedburner for your blog and also set up a newsletter subscription.



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