Setting up Akismet on your Website

Controlling comment spam is one of the most annoying website upkeep issues there are.

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Each website platform has its own set of available tools to curb or eliminate those pesky, unwanted messages. For websites, Akismet is probably the most popular comment spam blocking tool.

How to Install Akismet on your WordPress Site

1. Download, install and activate the Akismet plugin.


2. Next, follow the “Get your key” link and be redirected to


3. Click to claim your Akismet API key.


4. Don’t fret when you see monthly or yearly charges. You can select that you’d like to contribute $0 and still create an Akismet account.


5. Enter your first and last name, and email address, and move the payment slider down to $0.


6. You have now successfully created your Akismet account and your API key will be emailed to you.


7. Copy and paste your Akismet API key from your email into your WordPress plugin settings (as seen in #2 above). Then, if you’d like to see some stats on how much spam you’ve captured by using Akismet, visit your Akismet Stats link in your Dashboard options.


Although not 100% perfect, Akismet catches nearly all of spam comments posted at your site and makes your job as website administrator a bit easier.

How do you curb spam comments?

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  1. Andi

    LOVE Akismet….:-)


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