Statigram: For your Instagram Photos

Statigram is a browser-based tool that allows you access to view, like and comment on photos shared via Instagram as well as manage those you follow.


To set up your free account, visit and sign in to your Instagram account. You’ll need to grant access to Statigram in order to proceed. After answering a few questions, you are taken to your new Statigram dashboard.

The menu you are shown includes these items: Viewer, Statistics, Snapshots, Management, Promote and Contest.


Feed: Your default view. Here is where you see recent photos posted by those who follow. You can create groups within your followers, and then sort your feed by a group. If you are active on Pinterest, the layout of the Feed tab will seem very familiar.


You can like, comment on and even repost another user’s photo from this view. All reposted images include the author’s username so as to avoid any copyright infringements.


Prints: Wall art, iPhone cases and calendars are a few of the items available for purchase using your photos.

My Photos: Just like it sounds, this tab includes all of the photos you uploaded and shared. You can organize your photos into album, order prints of your photos, like and comment on your photos, and add your Instagram feed to your Facebook fan page from this view.

My Likes: A feed of all photos you have liked.

My followers: View all your followers. Click on a specific follower to see their basic profile information or to send them a private message.

My followings: A list of those Instagram users you follow. You can stop following users from this view, too.


My Account: See a snapshot of your Instagram activity, including the date of your very first photo, how many Likes and Comments you’ve received, your most liked and most commented on photos, and a break out of your filter usage and tagging.



Optimization: Statigram provides you with a graph of the best days and times to post photos based on when your followers tend to interact with you.


My Community: Have you ever wondered if there was an easy way to see which followers don’t follow you back or who you might have missed following? You can easily access these followers break outs from your My Community tab and either follow or unfollow as you see fit.


A way to have Instagram reports emailed to you. Many reports may be unavailable, however, due to API limitations.


Comments Tracker: Easily view all existing comments left on your photos or add a new comment. Also, access to your Private Message folder from this tab.



Public URL: Grab your own public URL ( which allows those who don’t have an Instagram account the ability to view your Instagram photos.

RSS Feed: You can add your RSS feed to a Reader or your blog.

Fan Page Tab: Create a tab to add your Instagram photo feed to your Facebook fan page. *Note: If you admin more than 1 fan page, you need to grant access to ALL fan pages in order to use this feature.

Timeline Box: Add your most recent Instagram photos to your Facebook Timeline.

Cover Photo: Create a cover photo – collage style – of your Instagram photos for your Facebook Timeline.



Enter your Instagram photos into current contests. Country restrictions apply.

Long-time Instagram fans have previously been limited to the Instagram app for sharing photos and accessing Instagram features. Statigram grants Instagram users all those freedoms and more, for free.


  1. Jacki

    Thanks! This will be so helpful. I love that I can find stats on here.

  2. Trisha P

    Does it allow you to upload photos to your Instagram account?

    • Admin

      I don’t believe so. All that type of activity still runs through the app.

  3. Whittney

    will they ever allow you to upload photos??

    • Admin

      I would guess photo upload outside of Instagram itself is very, very unlikely.


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