Email. Social media. Blogs. Websites.

Over the course of a day, we lay our eyes on more content than can possibly be consumed.

But some of it we want to be sure to read and/or save for future reference.


A tool like Pocket does just that, and can be used as a browser extension, with email and with over 300 apps on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

After creating an account with Pocket and when using a browser add-on, you simply click the Pocket button when you are on a website page you want to save. From there, a grey toolbar notifies you that your page is saved and gives you the option to add tags to that saved article.


That article is then added to your Queue.

Once in your queue, you can sort your saved content by tags, type or age, and mark content as a “favorite”, or delete it from your queue.

Pocket also works with videos and photos.

Pocket is a versatile tool that helps you to capture the news and information you want when you find it, and save and store it for a time when you need it.

Do you Pocket? How do you save your “must read” articles?

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  1. Kate F. (@katefineske)

    I just added this to my computer (and will also add it to my iPad and iPhone soon). I am excited to see how I like it. I help choose Monthly “staff Blog Picks” for our non-profit staff members to read and then link back to on our “MC Voices Pages” (which directs our own blog readers to other good blog posts on motherhood that our staff members enjoyed reading each month). In order to remember posts to consider sharing, I had been starring them and tagging them in my Google Reader – but I was having trouble finding a way to remember a good post in which I didn’t want to subscribe to their entire RSS feed. Thanks for the tip!


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