Facebook Business Page Features: Scheduled Posts & Admin Roles

Facebook allows you to schedule Business Page posts for future publishing as well as add other people to your Business Page to help you manage it or your ads account. Both of these capabilities are very helpful to you, the business owner. As Facebook has evolved over the years, the options and processes to schedule Business Page posts and to add others as admins to your Business Page, have also evolved. Let’s take a look at how to schedule Business Page posts and add more Admins to manage your Business Page.

How to Schedule Facebook Posts and Add Admins to your Business Page

How to Schedule Facebook Posts and Add Admins to your Business Page

How to Schedule Facebook Business Page Posts

Facebook used to allow you to schedule posts directly on your Business Page in the same spot where you’d compose a new post you were going to immediately publish. With the introduction of Creator Studio and the Business Suite app (which replaced the Pages Manager app), your desktop and app scheduling options have changed.

Using Creator Studio to Schedule a Facebook Page Post

From your Facebook Business Page, you’ll start by clicking on Publishing Tools in the lefthand sidebar, then Creator Studio. At the top left of your screen, you’ll see a green Create New button.

Create a schedule post in Creator Studio

After clicking on what type of action you want to take (in this case, Create Post), a window opens on the right half of your screen. Compose your Facebook post with your post copy, link, image, video, etc., then choose the Schedule option from the grey drop-down menu. You’ll be shown a new pop-up mid-screen where you can enter the date and time you want that scheduled post to publish. Once that’s set, click on the blue Schedule post to complete post scheduling.

Schedule your new Facebook Page post

View all your scheduled posts in the Pre-Published tab. You can reschedule posts, delete them, return them to Draft status, and even cross-post to Instagram from here.

View scheduled Facebook posts in the Pre-Published tab in Creator Studio

Using the Business Suite App to Schedule a Facebook Page Post

When you open your Business Suite app, you have the choice between tapping on the grey Publish button near the top of the screen, beneath your profile photo, or the blue square at the bottom center of the screen with a white box and pencil in it. After tapping, you’ll be in the compose view. Type up the Facebook post you plan to schedule, and tap Next in the top right hand corner. You’ll see Scheduling Options: Publish Now, Schedule for later, and Save as draft.

Scheduling options of Business Suite posts

Tap on Schedule for later to be shown a calendar to set the date and time of publishing. Once that’s set, click Done, then Schedule.

Scheduling options of Business Suite posts

Your screen will refresh and you’ll be taken to your list of Scheduled Posts. Tap on the icon with the 3 dots on the right side of all Scheduled Posts to Edit, Reschedule, Delete, etc.

How to Add Admins to your Business Page

To help you manage the day-to-day of your Facebook Business Page, you may want to add other employees or contractors who work for you, or an outside vendor who specializes in social media management or Facebook ads management. Thankfully, Facebook provides you a way to do so, and even offers different levels of access via Page Roles. If you are using Business Manager for your Facebook Page, you also have the option of a Business Manager to Business Manager relationship.

Adding Additional Admins to your Facebook Page

The traditional way to add additional Admins to your Facebook Business Page is by visiting your Business Page, then clicking on Settings –> Page Roles. In the Assign a New Page Role field, you can invite another Facebook user by typing in their name or their email address.

Assign a New Page Role to your Facebook Business Page

Your Page Role choices are:

  • Admin
  • Editor
  • Moderator
  • Advertiser
  • Analyst
  • Custom

As you click on a Page Role, you can read the description of what privileges and abilities that Role will have. Once you’ve chosen your Page Role, click on the Add button. You’ll be asked to re-enter your password, and the user you just invited, will be notified that you added them to your Business Page.

Adding Additional Admins through Business Manager

Business Manager adds a couple layers of complexity to inviting others to admin your Business Page. I’ve discussed this in much more detail in my post about moving your Facebook Page into Business Manager, so this will be a simple overview.

From the Business Settings tab, under Users you’ll see options for People and Partners. Within the People tab, you can click to Add a new user, and choose between Employee and Admin. You invite users to join your Business Manager via email address. Employee access is a lower level access than Admin. If you need someone to be able to work on all assets that have been added to your Business Manager as well as utilize all of its features, you’ll need to add them as an Admin.

Add Users to your Business Manager

Under the Show Advanced Options tab, you can grant a User Financial access as well (think: swap out your payment method or download ad spend invoices).

In the Partners area, you can connect with another Business Manager in a Business Manager to Business Manager capacity. Start by clicking on the Add button and choose between:

  • Give a partner access to your assets
  • Ask a partner to share their assets

Note: In a Partner connection, there are a few limitations. The most “full and complete” access you have within Business Manager is when you add a User to your Business Manager as an Admin.

*Post updated 5.22.21


  1. Andi

    I think both of these will be interesting…:D

  2. Kristin

    I like the scheduling feature. It’s ridiculously difficult posting on my pages from the mobile app. Scheduling will be much simpler. Thanks!

  3. Brittany

    Really happy to be able to schedule from Facebook now! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Jill

    I would love to start scheduling posts, but I don’t get a cute little clock when I start to type. I wonder why.

    • Admin

      Hey, you can make me an admin of your page so I can poke around, then remove me once I’m done, if you want. Just let me know!

  5. southern hope

    I’ve had the same issue on scheduling posts on FB….it sounds great…it looks great….but i haven’t been able to make the darn thing work on our business page.

    • Admin

      The first time you try, it will ask you to set a founding date for your page. Has it prompted you to do so yet? And are you trying as your brand or as yourself?



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