Steadily over time, Facebook has introduced features to make managing your Facebook Page easier while also making it possible to assign varying roles and responsibilities to employees or vendors who may be assisting you as the business owner with your Facebook marketing.

Two of the most common Facebook features you need to know how to use:

  1. How to Assign Admin Roles
  2. How to Schedule Updates

Assigning Facebook Admin Roles

From your Facebook Page, click on Settings on the right side of the white Admin navigation bar. Then select Page Roles from the lefthand navigation on the next screen.

Facebook Business Page Admin Roles

The field at the top is where you can add a new Facebook Page Admin. By default, the Role type is set to Editor. You can change the designation before inviting that person to manage your Page or at any later time from this same screen.

There are 5 role types, each with its own permissions.

Facebook Page Page Roles Chart

Read more here about Page Roles.

Page Roles lower than “Admin” are helpful for those business owners who need additional assistance with their fan page but are hesitant to grant full privileges to others working on the page. A lesser Role cannot remove a full Admin of the Page.

How to Schedule Facebook Posts

The ability to schedule Facebook posts in advance has been around for a few years, but I still regularly come across business owners who are unaware of this time-saving and uber-convenient feature.

After drafting your post, click on the down arrow on the right side of the blue Publish button. Select “Schedule” from the drop-down menu.

Select the day and time (down to the minute) that you want that post to publish.

If, at a later point in time, you need to edit the text any already-scheduled Facebook update, reschedule it, delete it, or publish it immediately, click on Publishing Tools in the white Admin navigation bar at the top.

You can also click on the “See Post” link located in the field just below the Compose New Update box to access these same editing features.

For those who struggle with keeping up with the real-time nature of social media, the addition of this feature is a game-changer.

*Post updated 7.10.16

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