4 Tips for Making the Most of your Facebook Fan Page Photo Albums

With so much emphasis placed on growing your fan base, increasing the engagement level on your fan page, and choosing the best profile and cover photos, it’s easy to overlook the benefits of a well-executed Facebook fan page photo album. Your fan page photo albums can be some of your best social assets, especially if you have a product-oriented business. Below are 4 ways to make the most of your Facebook photo albums.

4 Tips for Maximizing your Facebook Photo Albums

1. Create additional photo albums that work for your business Facebook offers 4 default photo albums: Cover Photos, Profile Photos, Wall Photos and Photos. You can Create a New Album when you upload 1 or more photos as part of a status update.


2. Organize existing photos It is easy to move a photo that currently resides, for example, in the Wall Photos album, into a different album. From the Edit Album view, click on the down arrow that appears in the top right corner of the photo (upon hover) and then select the album you want that photo moved to.


3. Descriptions, descriptions, descriptions It is important to fill out the description section of the album as well as the description section of each photo in the album. When photos are viewed individually, which is the most common way of viewing, the photo description is shown vs the album description.


Because people can comment on and LIKE each photo as if it’s its own status update, this allows potential customers to ask questions of you about that specific product.

4. Include links Also tied into the fact that each photo is essentially independent, it’s critical to include a link back to the product page or blog post for that specific image. This is ideal for e-commerce businesses as fans could search and find a product in a Facebook photo album and directly click through to purchase that item on the business’ website.

Spending time thoughtfully creating Facebook photo albums and reorganizing existing photos can greatly improve the chances your fans will both browse your selection of products on your fan page and purchase products from you.

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  1. Candi

    I didn’t know about this feature and excited, its kind of like what you can do with pinterest.


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