Dos & Don’ts of Using QR Codes

QR codes can be useful when implemented strategically but have not yet been widely adapted by the mainstream consumer. In fact, many people do not even know what a QR code is. However, if you’ve been tasked with making this work, here are some essential dos and don’ts to using a QR code.

Do Offer Value

Often, QR codes don’t seem to have any real purpose for existing. If a QR code doesn’t offer a reason to scan it, why would your customer take the effort to scan it? Be sure your marketing copy explains to your customer what they’ll get by scanning the code. An exclusive coupon code or video content – something that is valuable to your user – can be a great incentive to scan. Making it exclusive also helps to target the niche market of people who scan QR codes. Be sure there’s a reason for them to scan the code that they can’t get through simply visiting your website.


Don’t Hide the Essential Information

If the text accompanying your QR code references something like “Find us on Facebook”, don’t have your QR code bring up your company’s website homepage. QR codes are intended to provide an easy way to access information. Forcing your customers to continue searching your homepage after using a QR code only frustrates them. What’s the point of scanning a code that doesn’t make your life simpler?


Do Make it Easy for Your Customers to Use

When a customer scans your QR code, you want them to be able to instantly take action. This can happen by them being able to immediately like you on Facebook, signup for a newsletter, or print a coupon. This ease of use is like good customer service – it makes them feel you’re making their life easier. As a result, they become a little more loyal to your brand.


Don’t Endanger Your Customers

Recently, QR codes have popped up in such odd places that we often wonder if their use was thought out at all. For instance, we’ve seen QR codes placed on odd places up to and including billboards on the sides of highways. Don’t expect your customers to endanger their own lives by scanning your QR code while driving at 55 + miles per hour.

Do Consider Placement of Your QR Codes Carefully

When using a QR code, the placement of the code can be almost as essential as the content behind it. Placing your QR code under the flap of a box lid or in other obscure places will only decrease the chance of them being used. This will diminish your intended campaign rendering it almost useless. A QR code should be placed upfront with clear text explaining what someone can get by scanning the code.


Using a QR code should be a strategic decision. This is truly a supplemental element of a marketing campaign – not the meat and potatoes. If you’re not sure how to properly implement a QR code, you may be better off not doing so rather than risking adding little value to your customers.



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