How to Move “Posts By Others” to your Fan Page Wall

One of the many changes made to Facebook fan pages when Facebook rolled out the new timeline look in March of 2012 was that wall posts made by others were collapsed and placed together in a box in the right column of the fan page.

This relocation-of-sorts made these posts hard to notice for both fans as well as fan page administrators.

While the default placement for all Posts by Others remains in the box in the right column, it is possible to highlight and/or move each post to your page’s wall (if you choose).


Once you “allow” a post on your page, you’ll be able to find it in chronological order on your wall among all the posts you’ve made as your page.

Allowing posts by others on your fan page wall shows your fans that you appreciate their interaction and is also a great way to highlight kind words and positive comments left by satisfied customers.


  1. Alison

    Yay, thanks for this! Was wondering how I could do this.

  2. Dana K

    THANK YOU!!!!


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